Gaia On The Move: Physical Fitness the Start of Wellness

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To encourage an active and healthy living among the Residents (the term used to call The Gaia Hotel Bandung's staff), The Gaia Hotel engages LIF, the first tech-based an employee wellness consultant in Indonesia. Together with LIF, The Gaia Hotel created the program “Gaia On the Move”. 

As the name indicates, the aim of Gaia On the Move is to motivate all Residents to be physically active because physical fitness is very important to overall well-being.  We equip every Resident with a digital tracker set up to work with LIF mobile app. On the app, Residents are able to monitor their progress to achieve personal activity goal and complete team challenges. Residents also have the opportunity to attend regular wellness coaching sessions and workshops by LIF.

Since the launch of Gaia On The Move 2 years ago, it has achieved significant success with 90% of Residents reporting higher physical activity, better dietary choices, and a better sense of overall well-being. General Manager of The Gaia Hotel Bandung, Novi Samodro is also pleased that “the team challenges and events held by LIF have encouraged better inter-departmental engagement.” 

Wellness is more than a concept; it's an everyday decision to take good care of the body and mind through physical activity, better nutrition and quality rest. The Gaia Hotel will continue to adopt a proactive and preventative perspective in addressing employee health and well-being.