The vast space of The Gaia Hotel Bandung means there are plenty of choices on what to do and enjoy, whether you prefer a quiet unwind or a more active refreshment. From enjoying greeneries, art appreciation, music to aquaexercise, boot camp, and therapeutic massages, we have options for young and adults, family or lone travelers. Explore different dimensions of rest for your body and mind at The Gaia Hotel Bandung.


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Music & Movie

Enjoy The Gaia Hotel Bandung rooftop cinema where you can watch your favorite film, or attend one of our workshops. Feeling musical? Jam with your friends at the Music Studio.

Sports & Outdoor

Arrange an adventure with The Gaia Hotel Bandung and participate in our garden tour, which you can extend the activity to gardening and tree planting. You may also want to try your hand at yoga or rock climbing if you're feeling like some outdoor sports activities.

SEPIK Massage Therapy & Spa

We take it upon ourselves to prepare the body for a more active rest. Releasing the stress and pressure one feels while refilling your energy to enable you to make your stay everything you need and wish it to be.  


9 am - 10 pm


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Food & Craft

Get your access to a range of fun activities of decorative crafts such as flower arrangement classes, and experience cooking, baking & beverage classes with a private chef at The Gaia Hotel Bandung.                                                                                                                                       

Kids CADS Play Studio

Carefully designed play environments for children, The Gaia Hotel Bandung provides a safe and inviting Kid CADS Play Studio. With a variety of toys and endless opportunities, let your kids be their creative selves without the mess that you have to clean up after!                                                                                                                                  

April Activities

Arts, Design & Photography

Allow yourself to engage with interactive art installation or communal art. Join workshops on photography or painting, see outdoor fashion shows, and let yourself have a guided tour to local art galleries and museums near The Gaia Hotel Bandung.